The death of a six-year-old girl on a golf course in Utah in August 2019, reminds us that wayward golf balls can be lethal missiles, if someone is in their path. The tragedy in this case is that it was the father of the child that killed her, when his ball left the tee and headed straight for her as she sat in a golf buggy parked up in its path.

It is vital that every golf club risk assessment addresses the trajectories that a ball could follow if mis-hit and considers who that could affect out on the course.  It is also key to ensure that the ‘fore’ warning is issued, even if leading golf pros are failing to follow this etiquette at times.

A Golf Digest study has suggested that 40,000 golfers a year seek treatment for injuries caused by wayward golf shots and flying club heads.  Do not let such incidents occur on your golf course.  

Analyse the lie of the land, the positioning of tees, nearby greens and fairways, blind tees and dog-legs and all the pinchpoints at which greenkeepers and members’ balls could come into contact.

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