Between May 6 and 12, Deaf Awareness Week will be focusing attention on hearing loss, but how much attention do you pay to this at your golf club?

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 specify the maximum noise exposure that employees or members of the public should endure, but are you aware of the regulations and are you complying with the daily and weekly decibel limits? Are your greenkeepers issued with hearing protectors? Are they wearing them religiously? Is the decibel level when they are wearing these below 85 decibels?  Or, are the protectors cutting out too much noise and causing other dangers, as a result?

Greenkeepers and maintenance staff are those most likely to be exposed to noise and those most at risk of temporary or permanent hearing loss.  Just one loud exposure is enough to cause immediate hearing impacts, whether that is hearing loss or tinnitus.

This is an area that you need to control by law, so pay some attention to it, not just in Deaf Awareness Week, but all year round.  More guidance is available here or you can call us on 0113 246 8686 for more help.