Did you know the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 expects golf clubs – just like other entities – to implement a safety culture? In the eyes of the law, there will be someone in your club deemed to be the person responsible for creating such a culture, be that a chairman, captain, officer of the club/policymaker , or the owner of a proprietary golf club. Could that be you?

If it sounds as if the health and safety buck stops with you, it probably does, so ask yourself some questions:

  • Are you maintaining records of staff training?
  • Are you ensuring all equipment used in your club is properly maintained?
  • Are you regularly reporting on safety to your fellow committee members or employer?
  • Do you check that employees are working safely, wearing PPE items and not infringing safety rules?
  • Have you reviewed your course evacuation procedures lately?
  • Is there a good operational means of cross-course communication?
  • Have you prepared, reviewed and implemented a risk assessment lately?

These are just some of the responsibilities you must embrace, as the responsible person at the club and springtime often increases the areas that you need to monitor.

For instance, has anyone checked that those new fertilisers are stored and handled safely?  Is the equipment in the maintenance shed missing a few safety guards that have disappeared over winter?  When were your greenkeepers last put through refresher training, to ensure they have not forgotten how to use machines, mowers, trimmers and a whole host of other equipment safely?  Has your club potentially ‘done a Renault’ and failed to fix a fault with lifting equipment that you have been aware of for some time?

If you need to review a list of possible areas that could catch you out, there’s a good starting point here http://www.golfclubhealthandsafety.com/news/23/32/Gauntlet-Golf-s-10-Top-Health-Safety-Hazards-In-Spring.html  and another piece of guidance here http://www.golfclubhealthandsafety.com/news/24/32/Golf-Clubs-Too-Green-About-Health-and-Safety-In-Spring.html

Don’t be left holding the baby of health and safety compliance without understanding and acting on your legal responsibilities.  Be proactive now, or get expert help if you need it, by calling 0113 244 8686. We support other clubs like yours in locations nationwide, because they too recognised they could not go it alone.