Buggy health and safety is something that needs managing well, but be careful not to ban buggies just because you fear control over course safety could be diminished. A recent case proves how it is not just the health and safety issues relating to buggies that can land you in court.

Hartswood Golf Course in Essex made the headlines and is fighting a discrimination action due to its operator Brentwood Council's insistence that a disabled player prove they had a medical need to use a buggy. Until such proof was provided, they refused to allow him on the course.

The golfer in question is actually an access officer for Chelmsford Council and someone who has represented England at disability golf 13 times, playing off a handicap of 14. He had to engineer a change of career from roofer to council worker, having suffered a serious and aggressive infection that resulted in leg amputation.

The legal case is still ongoing, but as CaeMenai-Davis, co-founder of the disabled inclusivity charity, the Golf Trust, says: Golf is a sport for everyone. Making it difficult for a disabled golfer to use a buggy isn't just bad policy, it is bad business."

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