By the very nature of the game of golf, dangers can lurk around every corner, but what are some of the key ‘bunkers’ within your overall risk, which could catch you out?

It’s probably true to say that every single hole offers up some risk or other, whether there are nearby trees from which a ball could rebound, or water hazards that require safety measures around them.  Doglegs, blind tee shots and hidden greens increase the risk attached to holes, whilst risk assessments should also take into account the impact that misdirected shots can have on property, cars and people.

Then, of course, there’s weather.  Can you, hand-on-heart, say that your course evacuation procedures are sufficient, should lightning storms break out?  Could weather impacts over a number of days create risks in the form of unstable and diseased trees?

Identifying all the different risks on a course is something our expert team of golf health and safety advisors can handle on your behalf.  Sometimes, club employees can be too close to their course to see things from a health and safety viewpoint, which is where we step in, identifying what you need to do to keep everyone – members, employees and visitors – safe.

Just one phone call can set the ball rolling and put you on the path to compliance with all health and safety laws.  Contact Gauntlet Golf on 0113 244 8686 or