Put More Focus on Buggy Control

Golf buggy accidents are one of the key health and safety blackspots for many a golf club. Sometimes, the club is not at fault, as in the case of footballer John Hartson, who received serious head injuries after his buggy driver pressed the accelerator and not the brake and ploughed downhill, hitting a tree at 25mph. But having said that, clubs do need to watch who is at the wheel and do their utmost to ensure they have a right to be there.

Ban the word ‘freak’ from your vocabulary

On day two of The Masters at Augusta that annoying little word of ‘freak’ raised its head, when a reported ‘freak accident’ involved a security guard slipping on a drenched fairway and tripping up eventual tournament winner, Tiger Woods, who then thankfully hobbled away and managed to complete a birdie putt. But was that a ‘freak’ accident, or one that should have been predicted, in so far as people can easily slip on wet grass if they are rushing and allowed to proceed without any cautions or warnings?

Get a Spring in Your Step-by-Step Safety

Did you know the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 expects golf clubs – just like other entities – to implement a safety culture? In the eyes of the law, there will be someone in your club deemed to be the person responsible for creating such a culture, be that a chairman, captain, officer of the club/policymaker , or the owner of a proprietary golf club. Could that be you?

Gauntlet Golf’s 10 Top Health & Safety Hazards In Spring

Spring is the time when greenkeepers and golf club management really need to be on their toes when it comes to health and safety ( To help point you in the direction of just some of the risks you need to be considering, Gauntlet Golf Risk Management's health and safety team have put together these 10 tips.


Food and drink is big business for golf clubs, but with this comes a need to be fully compliant with food and safety legislation and the topic of the winter - allergens.

Gauntlet Publishes Groundbreaking Golf-Sector H&S White Paper

Gauntlet Golf Risk Management has demonstrated its status as a thought-leader within the golf sector, by creating a groundbreaking and hugely valuable, free-to-download resource – ‘The Changing Face of Golf’. This analyses why golf risk management is becoming more problematic within a rapidly evolving environment and highlights the health and safety issues clubs need to address within new contexts.

Review Golf Course Safety After Ryder Cup Accident

If you are a reader of the Daily Telegraph, you may have seen Gauntlet Golf offering a thought-leadership comment relating to the implications for golf course safety after the unfortunate Ryder Cup accident that has left a French national with loss of sight in one eye.

Lessons To Be Learned From Hinckley

In August, five years after an incident that led to the death of a manager undertaking tree maintenance, Hinckley Golf Club was fined £75,000 and ordered to pay another £75,000 in costs. Are there lessons to be learned from the circumstances that led to this judgement?

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