Your members may wish to pay for their own peace of mind and protection when playing the game they love, which is why Gauntlet Golf also offers golf insurance policies for players. This could be something you would like to promote to your members, or something to which you could direct them, if they ask for advice on this type of protection. 

The golf insurance policy, for individual players, covers:

  • Loss or damage to golf equipment
  • Public liability cover
  • Personal accident protection
  • Accidental damage (to the property of a third party)
  • Hole-in-One celebration cover (to pick up the resulting tab at the 19th hole!)

With this protection in place, losses or damage to items such as clubs, waterproofs and golf shoes will be covered, ensuring that the player does not suffer, if they are a victim of theft or misfortune.

Additionally, should they hit a wayward shot and damage a car, or a house window, the insurance will help them pay for the damage.  The damage to their pocket, in terms of a huge bar bill at the 19th following a hole-in-one, will also be temporary, as the costs will be covered under the terms of the policy.

If you sometimes hit wayward shots, you may well need the public liability cover that will allow you to compensate someone that you have injured, or whose property you have damaged.  It will also cover the legal expenses you incur in defending an action.

The personal accident cover will compensate you, if you yourself are the victim of a wayward shot or other incident, and hit by a stray ball, or injured in some other way.  The policy will pay £50,000 for the loss of an eye or limb and £50 per week, for up to 52 weeks, for an injury that you suffer whilst practising or playing at a recognised golf course. 

If you like to take your clubs abroad, you are covered for up to 30 days playing overseas.  The age limit on the policy is 75.

The public liability protection is particularly pertinent, following the landmark case relating to an incident at Niddry Castle Golf Club in Scotland, in which a golfer sued for damages, having lost an eye.  The judge decided liability lay partly (70%) with the golfer who had hit a wayward shot and awarded a sum of £397,000, plus legal costs, meaning that the golfer was asked to pay £277.900 + their share of the legal costs.

With the optional level of Third Party Only cover, you can have up to £250,000 of protection, including legal expenses, if you cause bodily injury to another person on any recognised golf course in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands, or whilst in transit.  This level of cover also applies to any property you damage.

By taking the Third Party Fire and Theft option, you receive all of the protection of Third Party Only, but also have the theft of motorised golf buggies, their accessories and spare parts covered.

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