Why A Hole-In-One Isn’t The Impossible Golfing Dream

Golfers across the world, be they professional or amateur, serious or casual, talented or not-so-talented all share one common goal: the one aim that unites them all is that desire to get that little white ball in the hole in as few shots as possible.

Where There’s a Tee There’s a Tree!

No matter what our level of golfing ability, we all have that one obstacle that we find impossible to master. For the pros, it may be the infamous island hole at TPC Sawgrass, where it seems unavoidable to plop the ball in the water. For the less skilled amongst us, it may be that pesky windmill hole at our local, beachside crazy golf circuit where, no matter how hard and what you try, you can’t help but hit the windmill’s arms as it spins relentlessly round.

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