Your clubhouse catering facility will have its own health and safety risks attached to it, whether this relates to the use of the equipment, the fuel sources used in the kitchen, the safe handling and storage of food, or the trip and slip hazards in the kitchen.

Our expert Gauntlet Golf health and safety consultants will carry out a complete audit of your food operation, covering aspects including:

  • Use of the kitchen equipment and the training provided to those required to use it
  • Food storage: segregation; temperature controls; policies regarding out-of-date food
  • Systems relating to food waste
  • Pest and vermin control
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen
  • Trip hazards; poor equipment positioning that could be creating risks
  • Overloading of sockets
  • Safety cut-outs on fryers and other high-risk equipment
  • Sanitation systems
  • Allergen controls and advice on menus
  • Clothing cleanliness and protective clothing
  • Safety within the restaurant area
  • Two-tier food service areas and any possible slippage of food between the two levels
  • Storage and racking

If you have perhaps failed to look at your golf club food operation with an expert eye when conducting your risk assessment and need specialist help, please call Gauntlet Golf’s health and safety consultants on 0113 244 8686 /