Golf club health and safety is challenging, particularly when you are responsible for the care and safety of all golf club members, employees, green keepers, the clubhouse and all other facilities.

Every sporting activity involves an element of risk, but the risks and hazards surrounding golf can be more complex than others, making golf club health and safety and risk assessments a taxing part of the duty of care you need to exercise.

For this reason, golf clubs turn to Gauntlet – a health and safety specialist for over two decades, which doesn't talk jargon and which won't insult you with an off-the-shelf solution. When making Gauntlet their partner, golf course managers get access to experts, receive informed, bespoke and in-depth risk assessments and learn how to reduce exposure to losses and liability claims. This reduces the likelihood of crises, minimises financial stress and, usually, lowers insurance premiums.

Teaming up with Gauntlet Health and Safety could deliver many benefits to your golf club and prevent you being handicapped by your legal health and safety obligations. It will also keep you compliant and focused on safety in all its forms, on the course, in the maintenance sheds and throughout the clubhouse.